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A New Platform for Creating

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I signed up for a twelve week course to help launch my new earth business.  I’ve taken similar workshops like these before, the kind that help you identify your strengths, what you love and then from there create the work that best reflects who you truly are.   Just after the second class though, I began noticing something quite different within myself.  Previously I was creating from a platform cluttered with limiting beliefs, old mental and emotional patterns that confined how I viewed and experienced myself, resulting in blocks of creativity, and narrowing my expression based solely on my human perspective and biological blueprint.

With all of the inner transformation these past several years, the letting go of who I am not and releasing the patterns of limitation and fear, I feel like I really am beginning with a blank canvas.  My understanding of myself as a energetic being of light allows me now to consciously create from an expanded platform, to combine in my creations, not only my human blueprint, but my cosmic encoding as well.

It’s fascinating to know that only 10% of our brains are utilized, but in these accelerating, transforming times, we are being rewired for full functioning.  We are downloading cosmic energy that if we allow it, and work with it, rather than argue for what we’ve always known, will catapult us to another vibrational level of creative expression.

As I participate in the calls and do the homework, I find myself experiencing something brand new.   Here I am showing up before others, not as Kim the human, wrought with struggles and uncertainty, but as Mikala Kim, the divine human, learning and developing her multidimensional awareness and capabilities.  It’s like strengthening a muscle.  With practice, I build and anchor my strength as an empowered and awakened being.

And it will take practice.  Like walking a tight rope, there’s always that choice to slip back into a lower vibration, the frequency pattern of limitations defined by the human experience.  Yet, moment by moment, I practice honoring and feeling myself as the divine creator that I am.  The result is a creation, a business that will assist in the birthing of a higher dimensional world, a new earth experiencing her golden age.

When I finished my first call of the class, I took a walk where the river joins the ocean with my beloved pup, Indy,   To my delight, a pod of frolicking dolphins greeted us with a very clear message.  “Be playful and have fun as you practice and get to know yourself for who you truly are.  The work you do or wish to do is not work, but a playful, joyful expression of the divine.  Have fun with the expansion and enjoy the ride! “

I’m so ready to dive in!


What’s up with 11:11?

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For years now, millions of people around the globe have seen the numbers 11:11 on digital clocks, cell phones, microwaves.   The numbers just seemed to crop up out of nowhere creating what came to be known as the 11-11 phenomenon.  What’s so significant about these numbers?  I’m not wanting to give detailed explanation here on the various theories or interpretations out there…a quick google search will offer plenty of interesting information for the curious seeker.  What’s important to me is to highlight what we all know intuitively;  indeed something significant is happening to the human race.  We can feel it, even though we may not understand it.  There is a quickening, a dramatic change taking place within our world.  My interpretation of the 11:11 is simply this…we are waking up out of a deep sleep and embarking on a journey where we create a new reality.

For thousands of years we’ve played a game based on control and fear, deprivation and lack.  Feeling ourselves separate from one another, we’ve created a world of mistrust, blame and hatred, and it has spiraled out of control.  We are at the tipping point now and we are waking up  and saying enough is enough.  We have a choice.  We can continue to play this game and destroy one another, or choose, at this ”11:11 hour” to play a new game, where our fear is replaced with love, separation shifts into unity and the world of our dreams, the “heaven on earth” kind of dreams manifests.

There’s no more blaming, no more good guys and bad guys, no more winners and losers.  It’s world of oneness, where we see ourselves in the other, where the golden rule is the law of the land.  It’s a world of co-creative collaboration, where our highest ideals and imagination find fertile soil in the human heart.  It’s a world where nothing is impossible because we have recognized the power of our thoughts and conscious awareness.

At 11:00 am on 11-11, millions of people around the globe will join as one, visualizing such a world.  Knowing the power of focused intention, this moment in our history has the potential to shift the energy from where we are now into a consciousness of unity where we create from a model of well-being, resulting in the highest good for all.  It is an evolutionary leap in our thinking, which will transform life as we know it.

11-11-11 is the doorway leading us into this new reality.  Are we ready to let go of our fears that have trapped us into thinking this is how the world is, and embrace our dreams, the dreams we all share for what we can create together?   We can shift the energy on the planet.  We can create the life of our dreams.   We can choose to play a new game.  We are at the tipping point.  It is time.  It is 11:11.  Let us all awaken to this global evolution, and take the journey towards a new way of living and being on our planet!

Welcome Home

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Last night while watching the evening news, which I do periodically with curiousness, wanting to observe how the collective is doing during this significant evolutionary transformation, the commentator in his typical vibration of fear reported the devastation of Irene in the north east, along with the rest of the bad news for the day.  At the end of the newscast, during their Making A Difference segment, which in my opinion will soon be the norm for all news reporting, they showed the citizens of one of the flooded cities in Vermont literally having a big community party.  They were gathered together outside with tables loaded with home cooked food, musicians singing and playing, people laughing and caring deeply for one another.  It certainly wasn’t a scene of doom, but more like a celebration.  An older woman who certainly appeared to me as the wise and inspiring leader of this community was speaking to all, “Yes, the old has been washed away but now we can build the new and we are all together, we’ll do it as one family.”  Yes, indeed!  The interviews with individuals highlighted that feeling of family, hope, happiness and unity.

Then this morning I hiked on a very popular trail just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and once again felt that same heart energy of happiness and connection.  I greeted people, looking into their eyes and sensed such a deep contact.  Our “hello’s” were no longer casual, like something you always say when meeting a stranger.  There was depth, a “I see you,” type heart connection that revealed the authenticity and beauty of the divine/human spirit.  All morning long I heard laughter, musicians on the top of the mountains playing their guitars and banjos, picking and a grinning!  Happy families, and enthusiastic dogs scattered along the trails.  One little boy with certainty and eagerness confidently shouted to his dad, “I’ll lead the way Dad!  I know where I’m going.”  As they passed me by I chuckled and commented to the dad, “I sure love that attitude and I bet he really does know where he’s going.”  The father smiled and confirmed my knowing, “he sure does!”

I remembered the words of Jesus, “a little child shall lead them,”  Ah, yes, that child like joy and abandonment, the energy of innocence and happy confidence, playfulness, wonder and anything is possible belief.  I swam in it’s vibration with all my fellow humans on that mountain this morning, feeling that same sort of hope and connection with my family in Vermont who with certainty and appreciation for one another create a new.  This is it…our new set point, the vibration of well being is the foundation for our new earth and it’s now here!  We just have to feel it within ourselves and it reveals all around just how good life is, how beautiful and utterly connected we all are.  Welcome home family to our new world!

Life in the New Earth

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Just exactly where are we heading?  What is life going to be like in the new earth?  This morning I want to share this hilarious, brief video from Jim Self.  Watch it and you’ll get a taste of what it’s going to feel like 24/7!

The Fourth Dimension

Shaken Loose & Washed Away

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An earthquake and hurricane in New York City?  What in the world is going on?  And to have these two very unusual events take place almost back to back…mmm, makes one wonder.

Energetically, there is a major housecleaning going on.  It’s become very obvious to all of us that something indeed is a bit fishy going on in the power centers of our country.  Political and financial power is concentrated along the east coast, an energetic line running right from Washington D.C. up to New York City.  We all know change is needed, and this past week literally moved so much energy that major changes are just on the horizon.

An earthquake shakes and loosens foundations, and a hurricane comes behind to wash away the old, outdated structures.  What’s so remarkable was the minimal damage caused by these two events, much to the disappointment and bewilderment perhaps to the doomsday prophets.  The truth is that millions of light workers around the planet are assisting us all in making this transformation with grace and ease through their light filled and loving intentions.

Rearranging and cleaning house for our political and financial houses.  It’s happening, and there is more to come.  Do not be surprised by the dramatic and sweeping revelations that come forth in the days and weeks ahead.  Everything that has been hidden is now coming fully into the light.  Our lives shall never be the same.  Do not fear these changes.  The old is being swept away, the new is now here and it is indeed heaven on earth!

Hello world!

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Hello out there…I’m Kim and wanting to explore this world of blogging and self-expression.  So here goes…

Jumping into the throes of creativity with the abandonment of a kindergartener.  Finally!  It’s not been easy trying to fling off the cords of perfectionism that have wrapped me up my entire life.  When all you’re used to is being a straight A student, the “best” mother, a passionate spiritual seeker, to admit to being just okay is quite daunting.

This morning though, I realized why I was feeling so stuck in my writing, gardening and cooking endeavors was because I wanted the finished product perfect now!  I couldn’t allow myself the messiness of just creating like a kindergartener, finger paints and all.  I wanted to be Van Gogh.  I wanted my garden to look like the vast sea of colors and textures displayed on the front of Home & Garden.  I wanted my venture into a raw food lifestyle to be flawless without any slip ups like my recent “blended salad,” which left me wanting to abandon this foolishness and head straight for the nearest Starbucks to sooth my cravings for a much needed caffeine fix.  I wanted the book I’m writing to just magically appear, jumping off the screen of my computer and landing me into publishing bliss.   I’m not allowing for the sheer joy of messy words, poorly constructed sentences, food experiments that turn out badly, or planting plants in the “wrong” places.  No more!  It’s all a process, an evolution, and I am accepting exactly where I am right now…kindergarten!

Okay, so I’m not the Master Gardener, the raw food goddess or the best-selling inspirational, spiritual author!  I’m me and I’m learning to love and appreciate where and who I am now!  I know I’m evolving, “mastering my mastery,” as I like to think of it.  But I have to start somewhere and if that means writing poor sentences, making dishes that even the compost pile refuses, or looking at a bare spot in my garden until the inspired idea comes, that’s all okay.  Very okay.  I am allowing to be where I am right now, knowing full well that as I play with abandon without any regard to the outcome but just for the sheer pleasure of creating, I am doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.  Like my beloved grand-daughter Ava, I am experiencing me in all my silliness, letting my imagination run wild.

I think I’m really going to enjoy kindergarten.